Mortgage Early Repayment Calculator – simple calculator to work out your new monthly payments for interest only and capital repayment mortgages if you pay your capital back early, either as a lump sum or as additional monthly payments.

You can also try our affordability calculator to see whether you can afford your new mortgage if interest rates change.

Client variables

Existing Mortgage
Remaining mortgage
Remaining length of mortgage
Mortgage interest rate

Early repayments

1) Lump sum repayment
Lump sum
(assume paid now)
2) Increased monthly payment
Increased monthly payment amount

Existing Monthly Payments
New Monthly Payments
Interest only £ 0
Capital and interest £ 0 0
  • The above calculation does not take into consideration any fees including inter alia valuation and arrangement fees.
  • Should you have any queries about any results, please speak to one of our advisors (advice may be chargeable).
  • SAIL Business Solutions Ltd does not warrant the accuracy of this calculator as individual circumstances may vary.