Umbrella Company


An umbrella company is an organisation that employs professional contractors who carry out short term contracts for agencies and end clients.

Limited Companies

Limited Companies

Limited company status offers contractors the most tax efficient way of working. They’re often best suited for longer term contracts & those wishing to maximise their net income.

SAIL was founded by a small group of contractors who needed a simple, low cost and user-friendly contractor payroll service for themselves. We designed a product suitable to our own needs as contractors, but with the flexibility to deal with contractors in different professions.

SAIL has flourished by using this original easy model and by building personal relationships with our customers. We recognise our customers are looking for the same professional, easy to use, low cost service we once wanted ourselves.

Whether you are new to contracting, or one of the estimated 1.5m seasoned professionals, we offer specialist Limited and Umbrella Company services for contractors from across the UK. Our qualified professionals offer compliant, tax efficient and personalised services to give you the peace of mind to focus on your own business needs without the admin and hassle usually associated with compliance.

Quote SAIL have been great for me. The online system is simple and the team always helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
K Stone, Project Manager